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This project is a ruby implementation of ISO 639-1 alpha2 and ISO 3166-1. It includes definitions of all two letter language and region codes.


Languages are defined by ISO 639-1 alpha-2; that is the 2 letter lowercase language code.

These have been augmented to contain the plural rule names and the language's direction.

> ISO::Language.find('ru')

=> #<ISO::Language:0x007fe2ba43db50
        @plural_rule_names=["one", "few", "many", "other"],


Regions are defined by ISO 3166-1; that is the 2 letter uppercase region code.

> ISO::Region.find('MX')

=> #<ISO::Region:0x007fe2ba070e50

Regions can also be defined by the UN M49 standard; that is the 3 digit region code.

> ISO::UN::Region.find('419')

=> #<ISO::Region:0x007fe2ba43db50
        @name="Latin America and the Caribbean">


The combination of a language and a region is called a Tag :


 => #<ISO::Tag:0x007fe2bb005b90 @code="pt-BR",
            @plural_rule_names=["one", "other"],

You can check if a Tag is valid like so :

>'pt-BR').valid? => true
>'lolcat').valid? => false


Language and region names are internationalized - contribute to the I18n project directly on Locale for any changes.