At last, a short and sweet tagging implementation that you can easily modify and extend.

Most of the plugins out there are on steroids or messing directly with SQL, a known gateway drug.

We wanted a more sober plugin that would handle new functionality without breaking a sweat. Some plugins had minimal or no tests gasp. They were so messed up that operating would likely cause internal bleeding.

So, we crafted the plugin we needed with the functionality we were looking for: tag kinds. It’s small and healthy. So, it should be a good base to build on.


After generating the migration:

$ script/generate is_taggable_migration
$ rake db:migrate

All you need is the ‘is_taggable’ declaration in your models:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  is_taggable :tags, :languages

In your forms, add a text fields for “tag_list” and/or “language_list” (matching the example model above):

<%= f.text_field :tag_list %>

Calling is_taggable with any arguments defaults to a tag_list. Instantiating our polyglot user is easy: :tag_list => "rails, giraffesoft", :language_list => "english, french, spanish, latin, esperanto, tlhIngan Hol"

A comma is the default tag separator, but this can be easily changed:

IsTaggable::TagList.delimiter = " "

Get it

$ sudo gem install is_taggable

As a rails gem dependency:

config.gem 'is_taggable'

Or get the source from github:

$ git clone git://

(or fork it at


is_taggable was created, and is maintained by Daniel Haran and James Golick.


is_taggable is available under the MIT License