Simply determines if a user agent is for a mobile device.

Comes ready with a module for Rails 2 & 3 to enable multiviews (respond_to with a custom mimetype) for mobile devices (see Synopsis).


  • Fast & Lightweight (doesn't use anything like WURFL, which would be overkill for a quick check)


The lightweight tests used in IsItMobile are almost completely based on the work of Andy Moore in an article at I added a couple more user agents to the mix and obviously Rubified it.

It recognizes 99% of the mobile user agents from It has nearly no false positives using the user agents from The ones that don't quite pass are very rare (and some are even questionable appearing in their respective lists)


sudo gem install contentfree-is_it_mobile –source


With Rails 2.0, simply add this to config/environment.rb:

config.gem 'contentfree-is_it_mobile', :lib => 'is_it_mobile/rails', :source => ""

Then, just create your views using suffixes of mobile.erb instead of html.erb

You can also just use IsItMobile directly: 'NokiaN90-1/3.0545.5.1 Series60/2.8 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1' ) # => true


If using Rails, version must be >= 2.0 for multiview capability