Irwi is Ruby on Rails plugin which adds wiki functionality to your application.


Setup gemcutter as gem source:

sudo gem install gemcutter
gem tumble

And install irwi gem (recommended):

sudo gem install irwi

And add to your environment.rb:

config.gem "irwi", :source => ""

Or in your application directory call:

script/plugin install git://


In your application directory call:

script/generate irwi_wiki

It will generate:

  • WikiPageController to serve wiki pages

  • WikiPage model to represent page

  • Migration to prepare database

Also it will add to your routes.rb something like:

map.wiki_root '/wiki'

Wiki syntax (links to other pages)

You can link pages by using

[Some page title]

construction in text. If linked page exists, when it will be replaced with link to this page, in other case it will be replaced with link to new page with such path/title.

Template definition

You may create your own templates for controller actions (show, edit and history), in other case default built-in templates will be used.

Helper definition

Following helpers are defined by default and you may replace them with you own:

  • wiki_user - Renders user name or link by given user object. By default renders <Unknown> for nil and “” for others.


Configuration options are acessed via Irwi.config object. Currently supported options:

  • user_class_name - Name of user model class. By default - 'User'

  • formatter - Formatter instance, which process wiki content before output. It should have method format, which gets a string and returns it formatted. By default instance of Irwi::Formatters::RedCloth is used (requires RedCloth gem). Other built-in formatter is Irwi::Formatters::BlueCloth (requires BlueCloth gem). Option accepts formatter instance, not class, so correct usage is:

    Irwi.config.formatter =

  • comparator - Comparator instance, which builds and renders a set of changes between to texts. By default instance of Irwi::Comparators::DiffLcs is used (requires diff-lcs gem).

Access control

If you want (and it's good idea) to specify which users can see or edit certain pages you should simply override following methods in your controller:

  • show_allowed? - should return true when it's allowed for current user to see current page (@page).

  • history_allowed? - should return true when it's allowed for user to see history of current page (@page) and compare it's versions.

  • edit_allowed? - should return true when it's allowed for current user to modify current page (@page).


Irwi allows easy attachment integration in your wiki. There area several simple steps to add attachments to wiki pages:

  • Call irwi_wiki_attachments generator. It will create WikiPageAttachment class.

  • Include config.gem "paperclip" in your environment.rb or, if you prefer another library modify generated code for it.

  • Append to initializer (or create a new one) something like Irwi.config.page_attachment_class_name = 'WikiPageAttachment'.

  • Run rake db:migrate and start using attachments in your wiki!


Rails prior to 2.3

If you have Rails prior to 2.3 when you should also call:

script/generate irwi_wiki_views

To generate default wiki views.

I18n Issues

If you get some weird errors like

missing interpolation argument in "%{count} %B %Y, %H:%M"

Please check your Rails and I18n versions, because of incompatibility issue between Rails prior to 2.3.6 and I18n 0.4.x ( If it's your case, consider upgrade of Rails or downgrade of I18n. Big thanks to Tomasz Stachewicz for information ;)


Feel free to add yourself when you add new features.

Copyright © 2009 Alexey Noskov, released under the MIT license