IronCache Ruby Client

Getting Started

1. Install the gem:

gem install iron_cache

2. Setup your credentials:

3. Create an IronCache client object:

@client =

The Basics

Get a Cache object

You can have as many caches as you want, each with their own unique set of items.

@cache = @client.cache("my_cache")

Now you can use it:

Put an item in the cache:

@cache.put("mykey", "hello world!")

Get an item from the cache:

item = @cache.get("mykey")
p item.value

Delete an item from the cache:

res = msg.delete # or @cache.delete("mykey")
p res

Increment an item in the cache:

msg = @cache.increment("mycounter", 1)
p res

Cache Information

cache = @iron_cache.cache("my_cache")
puts "name: #{}"

Using As Rails Store

You can use IronCache as any other rails store. Put iron.json into your project's config dir, add iron_cache to Gemfile and you are ready to go.

config.cache_store = :iron_cache_store

Alternatively, you can supply project_id and token in code.

config.cache_store = :iron_cache_store, :project_id => 'XXX', :token => 'YYY'