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The IrcParadise Project

This project does primarily two things right now:

  • Bundle together some constants that may be useful for IRC. This can be found in the file constants/constants.rb.

  • Connect to a remote IRC server and then talk to folks there, either as a bot, or as through a user interface. The latter is NOT very polished, though; expect bugs.

Requiring this project:

You can require this project by issuing this:

require 'irc_paradise'

Optionally you can include the toplevel namespace as well:

include IrcParadise

class TalkInIrcChannel

class IrcParadise::TalkInIrcChannel can be used to talk in an IRC channel. By default it will connect to freenode channel(s).

The code for this class will try to stay lean, when possible, while still trying to combine useful IRC-related features.

Contact information

If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at:

(Please keep in mind that responding to emails may take a while depending on the amount of work I may have at that moment in time due to reallife.)

Thank you.