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A Ruby library to simplify interaction with IO streams. This includes network sockets, file sockets, and serial streams like the console and RS232. Features regular expression matching and notification of received data.

Supported Ruby Versions

  • MRI >= 2.0.0


gem install ionian

Issues, Bugs, Feature Requests

Any bugs and feature requests should be reported on the GitHub issue tracker:

Pull requests are preferred via GitHub.

Mercurial users can use Hg-Git to interact with GitHub repositories.

Code Examples

Creating A Socket

socket = host: '', port: 23

Sending And Receiving Data

socket = host: '', port: 80
socket.write "GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n"
socket.read_match { |match| p match; puts '' }

Match Expressions And Named Captures

# A simple IRC client.

socket = \
  host: '',
  # Break up the matches into named captures so it's easier
  # to sort through the server's responses.
  expression: /:(?<server>.*?)\s*:(?<msg>.*?)[\r\n]+/

# Log on to IRC and send a message.
socket.write "NICK ionian-demo\r\nUSER ionian-demo ionian-demo :ionian-demo"
socket.write "PROTOCL NAMESX\r\n"
socket.write "JOIN #ionian-demo\r\n"
socket.write "PRIVMSG #ionian-demo :this is a test\r\n"

loop do
  socket.read_match do |match|
    # Print the body of the server's responses.
    puts match.msg

    # Exit when the server has caught up.
    exit if match.msg.include? 'End of /NAMES list.'

Simple Server

host = 'localhost:5000'

server = interface: host do |client|
  # Greet the connected client.
  client.write "Welcome! You are connected to the server.\n"

socket = host: host
# Retrieve the greeting message.
puts socket.read_all