Intercom Export

System to help export conversations into Zendesk tickets. The codebase is designed to be adaptable for importing into other systems or even exporting from things other than Intercom.


$ intercom_export --intercom-app-id <APP ID> --intercom-api-key <APP KEY> \
                  --zendesk-address <DOMAIN> --zendesk-username <USERNAME> --zendesk-token <TOKEN>


The coordinator is the heart of the import. This breaks the problem down into several discrete stages.

  1. source - This is simple an enumerable, currently this is an enumerable of all Intercom conversations
  2. splitter - This takes an item from the source and splits it into several parts that make syncying easier. For instance an Intecom conversation will be split into all of the users involved in the conversation, and the conversation itself with the users replaced by references.
  3. finder - This takes a part (something in the land of Intercom), and tries to find it's equivalent in Zendesk
  4. differ - This compares the Intercom part, with the search result from Zendesk and then creates commands.
  5. executor - This executes each command, replacing references to Intercom items, with ids from Zendesk.

The idea of breaking it into these components is to allow other front-ends (Intercom), to be slotted in by only adding a few classes. It should also be possible to slot in other back-ends (Zendesk) with a small amount of modification.


$ rspec


This has worked for us importing around 5000 tickets from Intercom to Zendesk. Performance is slow due to the number of queries required.