Shipit CLI is a gem created by Intello's development team.

Designed to simplify collaboration with Git and Gitlab, its main purpose is to kickstart working on an issue. Here's what it does :

  1. Create a new branch (local & remote) using a standardized name.
  2. Add & push a first empty commit to that branch.
  3. Create a new merge request on Gitlab, with all the issue details.


  • Ruby 2.5+
  • A gitlab personal access token (https://{{ YOUR_GITLAB_HOST }}/profile/personal_access_tokens)
  • Issues must have a label and a milestone

intello-shipit-cli works as well on as on a privately hosted instance of Gitlab


gem install intello-shipit-cli

NOTE: If you use a ruby manager, the gem has to be installed each time you want to use it in a new ruby context.


If you use rbenv as your ruby manager, and want to easily install/update intello-shipit-cli across all your rubies:

  1. Install rbenv-each
  2. Run rbenv each gem install intello-shipit-cli


You must first setup intello-shipit-cli by running:

shipit setup

This will interactivly ask you for:

  • Your Gitlab server instance API endpoint. If your using this endpoint is
  • Your Gitlab personal API token

The setup will create a file in your user root folder called .shipit.yml with this information.


If you have multiple Gitlab servers or account you can manually create configuration YAML files and use the -c option of intello-shipit-cli to select the proper configuration.

For example you can have a configuration file ~/.shipit_personal.yml for your peronal account an to use that you would invoke intello-shipit-cli with: shipit -c ~/.shipit_personal.yml work 22.

Check your configuration

$ shipit settings


The most often used command is work this is the command that will create a branch and merge request based on a ticket in the project you are currently working.

Let's take an example. We have the project 'test_shipit' already checked-out and we have issue #1 (Major bug with UI) that we want to start working on.

Without intello-shipit-cli you would either go in the Gitlab Web UI and create a branch and then open a merge request on that branch or do the same with a bunch of git CLI commands. The resulting merge request and branch names would vary from one developer to the other and would be a pain to do things like changelogs later on.

With intello-shipit-cli you simply run shipit work 1 and it will do it all for you:

{21:40}[2.5.0]~/Documents/Intello/source/test_shipit:master ✓ ➭ shipit -c work 1
remote: To create a merge request for bug-ac-1-major-bug-with-ui, visit:
remote: To create a merge request for bug-ac-1-major-bug-with-ui, visit:

*           IT'S HIP TO SHIP           *
*                                      *
*             |    |    |              *
*            )_)  )_)  )_)             *
*           )___))___))___)\           *
*          )____)____)_____)\          *
*        _____|____|____|____\__       *
*--------\                   /---------*
*       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^         *
{21:41}[2.5.0]~/Documents/Intello/source/test_shipit:bug-ac-1-major-bug-with-ui ✓ ➭

As you can see it created the branch bug-ac-1-major-bug-with-ui which corresponds to the issue label (first one selected if multiple are selected), the initials of the developper working on the issue and part of the issue title.

It will also have created a matching merge request:

alt text

All you have to do is start coding.


  • Create a ticket
  • Request developper access
  • Use intello-shipit-cli to start coding
  • When your ready, submit your merge request to one of the maintainers

Development Setup


  • rbenv or rvm
  • Ruby 2.5+
  • Bundler 1.10+
  • ctags


To install or update your development environment, run script/bootstrap.


  1. Clone the git repository.
  2. Run script/bootstrap to install the required gems.
  3. Run script/test to ensure your development setup is sane.
  4. Run bundle exec guard
  5. You can run a REPL: script/console
  6. Use the CLI: bundle exec exe/shipit


You can write tests using rspec v3+ syntax in the spec folder. To run the tests, run script/test.


Copyright Intello Technologies Inc, 2016-2019. Licensed under the MIT license.

About Intello Technologies Inc.

Intello is sponsoring this project as we believe in open-source and the open-source community.

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