This is an integrity plugin that automatically runs metrics on each build after it has been tested. It is based on report_card but doesn't require a separate site, configuration or cron job.

Report_card seems to have been abandoned but this works with the current version of integrity (v22).


in integrity's Gemfile:

gem "integrity_metrics"

in integrity's init.rb:

require 'integrity_metrics'

and in the configure block, optionally:

c.metrics_directory = "metrics"


Metrics will be calculated automatically on the completion of each build. Metric_fu saves its output to files in metrics_directory/:project/output/, so we redirect from /:project/metrics to those static files. You may need to make sure that your webserver does the right thing with static html files and other assets, but it probably does.

Copyright (c) 2010 William Ross for spanner. Released under the same terms as Ruby and/or Integrity. Portions based on report_card: copyright unstated but presumably Nick Quaranto/Thoughtbot.