What is Instiki?

Admitted, it's YetAnotherWikiClone, but with a strong focus on simplicity of installation and running:

Step 1. Download

Step 2. Run “instiki”

Step 3. Chuckle… “There's no step three!” (TM)

You're now running a perfectly suitable wiki on port 2500 that'll present you with one-step setup, followed by a textarea for the home page on localhost:2500.

Instiki lowers the barriers of interest for when you might consider using a wiki. It's so simple to get running that you'll find yourself using it for anything – taking notes, brainstorming, organizing a gathering.


  • Regular expression search: Find deep stuff really fast

  • Revisions: Follow the changes on every page from birth. Rollback to an earlier rev

  • Export to HTML or markup in a zip: Take the entire wiki with you home or for reference

  • RSS feeds to track recently revised pages

  • Multiple webs: Create separate wikis with their own namespace

  • Password-protected webs: Keep it private

  • Authors: Each revision is associated with an author, so you can see who changed what

  • Reference tracker: Which other pages are pointing to the current?

  • Speed: Using Madelein for persistence (all pages are in memory)

  • Three markup choices: Textile (default / RedCloth), Markdown (BlueCloth), and RDoc

  • Embedded webserver: Through WEBrick

  • Internationalization: Wiki words in any latin, greek, cyrillian, or armenian characters

  • Color diffs: Track changes through revisions


  • File attachments

Install from gem:

  • Install rubygems

  • Run “gem install instiki”

  • Change to a directory where you want Instiki to keep its data files (for example, ~/instiki/)

  • Run “instiki” - this will create a “storage” directory (for example, ~/instiki/storage), and start a new Wiki service

Make sure that you always launch Instiki from the same working directory, or specify the storage directory in runtime parameters, such as:

instiki --storage ~/instiki/storage

Command-line options:

  • Run “instiki –help”



Download latest from:

Visit the official Instiki wiki:


  • same as Ruby's


David Heinemeier Hansson


[email protected]