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Interactive user prompts on CLI for ruby.

Prompt types


idx = Ask.list "Look behind you...", [
  "a three-headed monkey!",
  "a pink pony",
# idx is the selected index

List example


Takes optional default property that define the checked options

idx = Ask.checkbox "Monkey see, monkey...", [
  "eats Banana",
], default: [true, false, true]
# idx is an array containing the selections

Checkbox example


Takes optional default property (string).

firstname = Ask.input "What's your name"
phone = Ask.input "What's your phone number", default: "123"
# name and phone are the responses for each question

Input example


Takes optional default property (true or false). The default default value is true.

value = Ask.confirm "Are you sure?"
# value is a boolean

Ask.confirm "Are you sure?", default: false
# Default is false

Input example


Method parameters

  • question: string The text to your are going to ask
  • elements: array Array of options to show. Only for checkbox and list types.

Rendering options

You can pass this options as the lastest parameter

  • clear: bool [Default true] Clear the original question after pressing enter
  • response: bool [Default true] Whether to show the selected response
# If you dont want any output use
Ask.input "What's your name", response: false

# If you don't want the response and you want to keep the question prompt
Ask.input "What's your name", clear: false, response: false


gem install inquirer


Ruby Linux OS X Windows
MRI 1.9.3
MRI 2.0.x
MRI 2.1.x
MRI 2.2.x
Rubinius 2.5.x
JRuby 1.7.x


Thank you for contributing!


This is basically the wonderful Inquirer.js, just done for ruby. I was unable to find a good gem to handle user interaction in ruby as well as this module does in JS.


Apache v2 Author: Dominik Richter