IMDb Vote History

Get easy access to any public IMDb vote history list using Ruby.

Here is an example.

How to use

Find by url

$ require 'rubygems'
$ require 'imdb_vote_history'

$ result = ImdbVoteHistory.find_by_url("")

$ result.movies.count
>> 937

$ result.user
>> "eddyproca" # Not me :)

$ result.movies.last.title
>> "The Last Man on Earth"

$ result.class
>> ImdbVoteHistory

$ result.movies.first.class
>> Container::Movie

>> "Vincent Price"

Find by id

$ result = ImdbVoteHistory.find_by_id("32558051")

$ result.movies.count
>> 937

Data to work with

The ImdbVoteHistory class

The find_by_url and find_by_id methods returns an ImdbVoteHistory instance.

The object it self has a few accessors that might be useful.

  • user (String) Owner of the list.
  • id (Fixnum) A unique id for the list.
  • url (String) Full URL to the IMDb vote history list that was parsed.
  • movies (ArrayContainer::Movie) A list of movies containing Container::Movie instances.

The Container::Movie class

The movies method returns a list of Container::Movie objects, each object has two methods that returns information about the movie without doing another request to IMDb.

If you for example want to get the title of the movie you can apply the accessors that is being described here. Scroll down to the ImdbParty::Movie part to get information about the available accessors.

  • imdb_link (String) The full URL to the IMDb page.
  • imdb_id (String) The IMDb ID for the movie.

You can, as said above, use any method that ImdbParty::Movie provides directly from the Container::Movie object, like title, year and actors.

How do install

[sudo] gem install imdb_vote_history

How to use it in a rails 3 project

Add gem 'imdb_vote_history' to your Gemfile and run bundle.


IMDb Vote History is tested in OS X 10.6.6 using Ruby 1.9.2 and 1.8.7.

Thanks to

Chicago_gangster for solving the pagination problem.


IMDb Vote History is released under the MIT license.