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Optimize rails image assets using image_optim gem.

Options and instructions for getting binaries can be found in image_optim readme.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'image_optim_rails'

With image_optim_pack:

gem 'image_optim_rails'
gem 'image_optim_pack'


ImageOptim::Railtie will automatically register sprockets preprocessor unless you set config.assets.image_optim = false or config.assets.compress = false (later for partial rails 3 compatibility).

You can provide options for image_optim used for preprocessor through config:

config.assets.image_optim.nice = 20
config.assets.image_optim.svgo = false
config.assets.image_optim.gifsicle.careful = true

Or through config files config/image_optim.yml and config/image_optim/#{RAILS_ENV}.yml.

Caching is enabled by default in directory tmp/cache/image_optim.

Check all available options in options section of image_optim.


In separate file CHANGELOG.markdown.

Copyright (c) 2013-2022 Ivan Kuchin. See LICENSE.txt for details.