Pragmatic ONIX 3.0 parser for Ruby

Low level API

Whole structure is accessible through ONIX::ONIXMessage object :
# first product
pp message.products.first
# first identifier of first product
pp message.products.first.identifiers.first

Ruby elements variables are underscored, lowercase of ONIX tags (Product -> product, DescriptiveDetail -> descriptive_detail) and pluralized in case of array (ProductSupply -> product_supplies).

High level API

High level methods give abstracted and simplified access to the most important data. See for high level API rdoc and onix_pp.rb, onix3_to_onix2.rb and onix3_to_onix3.rb sample in bin/

Usage :

onix_pp.rb onix.xml
onix3_to_onix2.rb onix.xml
onix3_to_onix3.rb onix.xml


Running the tests

Launch this command:

ruby -Ilib:test test/test_im_onix.rb


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