Icodi - Deterministic Random SVG Icon Generator

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Generate repeatable random SVG icons from any string, similar to GitHub identicons.

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$ gem install icodi


Grid: 5x5, Mirror: X (default settings)


Grid: 6x6, Mirror: Y, Stroke: 4


Grid: 8x8, Stroke: 7, Density: 0.3


Grid: 7x7, Mirror: X/Y, Stroke: 3, Density: 0.8


Grid: 5x5, Jitter: 0.9, Stroke: 2


Increasing Stroke: 0.1 - 5.0


Increasing Density: 0.3 - 0.8


Increasing Jitter: 0 - 1.0


Mirror Styles: X, Y, Both, None



This is the general usage pattern:

require 'icodi'

# initialize with optional text and options
icon = Icodi.new text, options

# get the SVG string

# or save to SVG file
icon.save 'logo'

Generate a random icon with the default options, and save it to icon.svg:

icon = Icodi.new
icon.save 'icon'

Generate persistent random icon (same input generates the same output):

icon = Icodi.new "any string"
icon.save 'icon'


Options can be provided as the first or second argument:

Icodi.new "any string", pixels: 8, density: 0.3
Icodi.new pixels: 8, density: 0.3, stroke: 2
Parameter Default Type Description
pixels 5 Integer Grid size.
mirror :x Symbol Mirroring mode: :x, :y, :both or :none.
color Deterministic Random String A color string for the pixels.
density 0.5 Float A value between 0 and 1 representing the chance for a pixel to be drawn. Lower values mean less pixels.
stroke 0.1 Float Width of the border around each pixel. Note that each pixel is a 10x10 box, so a stroke of 1 means it will take 10% of the box. Higher values generate more overlap between the pixels.
jitter 0 Float A value between 0 and 1 representing the chance for a pixel to be dislocated by half of its size in a random direction.
background #fff String A named SVG color string (blue, yellow etc.) or RGB color (for example #dddddd).
id icodi String The ID to assign the SVG object. Normally this should not matter, but if you intend to embed this icon in an HTML, or in another SVG, this can be useful.
template :default Symbol/String SVG template to use. Can be :default, :html or a path to a file. Read more on Victor SVG Templates.

Using with Sinatra

To create a Sinatra server that serves Icodi images, see the server.rb example code.