icalendar2 - generate, consume and validate iCalendar feeds

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This is NOT production ready yet. It has not been extensively tested, and you use it at your own risk.


If you want to jump right in and try it out, here's how you install it:

gem install icalendar2

Website: https://github.com/ericcf/icalendar2


icalendar2 is a Ruby library for parsing, manipulating and generating iCalendar objects as described in RFC 5545. Its API is intended to be mostly compatible with that of the icalendar gem (https://github.com/sdague/icalendar), at least initially.

For example:

require 'rubygems'
require 'icalendar2'
include Icalendar2

calendar = Calendar.new
calendar.event do
  dtstart     Date.new(2012, 12, 25)
  dtend       Date.new(2012, 1, 5)
  summary     "12 days of Christmas."
  description "Eat lots of cookies."
calendar.valid? # true
puts calendar.to_ical
# UID:2012-12-12T10:12:45-06:[email protected]
# DTSTAMP:20121212T101245
# DTSTART:20121225
# DTEND:20120105
# SUMMARY:12 days of Christmas.
# DESCRIPTION:Eat lots of cookies.

calendars = Parser.new(calendar.to_ical).parse
calendars.size # 1
calendars.first.valid? # true

Improvements over/differences with icalendar gem

While this gem is based on (and borrows some code from) the icalendar gem, it also improves on it in several key areas:

  • No monkey patching of core Ruby classes such as String for conversions
  • Better separation of concerns makes it easier to test and extend
  • Validates calendars and pinpoints errors
  • Uses RSpec for tests


To run the icalendar2 tests ensure that the rspec gem is installed, and run:

rake test

Building the gem

gem build icalendar2.gemspec


I need your help to make this library better. Please use the GitHub issue tracker for feature requests and bug reports. The more detail you can provide the better.


As this is based on the icalendar gem, which employs the Ruby licence, this too falls under that license: http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/about/license.txt