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I <3 Quotes Client


This is a ruby client to interact with the I <3 Quotes API.

(Working on Ruby 1.9.X - Let me know if you need the 1.8.X version)

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Roberto Decurnex (nex.development@gmail.com)


If you are using Bundler you can easily add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'i_heart_quotes'

Or you can just install it as a ruby gem by running:

$ gem install i_heart_quotes


You can also clone the project with Git by running: $ git clone git://github.com/robertodecurnex/rack-jsonp-middlewarei

Usage Example

Getting a random quote

require 'i_heart_quotes'

fortune  = IHeartQuotes::Client.random

fortune.quote #=> "One's never alone with a rubber duck."

fortune.source #=> "hitchhiker"

fortune.tags #=> ["hitchhiker"]

fortune.link #=> "http://iheartquotes.com/fortune/show/7934"

Using filters

require 'i_heart_quotes'

# Returns a quote from the hitchhiker that has a single line.
IHeartQuotes::Client.where(:source => "hitchhiker", :max_lines => 1).random

# Returns a quote from the either hitchhiker or cryptonomicon that has at most 2 lines.
# Note that you can chain as many where s as you want.
IHeartQuotes::Client.where(:source => "hitchhiker+cryptonomicon").where(:max_lines => 2).random

Supported Filters

  • :source ("+" separated list of desired sources. Available sources at http://iheartquotes.com/api)
  • :max_lines (maximum number of lines in the quote)
  • :min_lines (minumum number of lines in the quote)
  • :max_characters (maximum number of characters in the quote)
  • :min_characters (minimum number of characters in the quote)