Hyrax plugin to enable audiovisual derivative generation through active_encode.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'hyrax-active_encode'

And then execute:

$ bundle


To enable derivative generation through active_encode run the install generator which will modify the generated FileSet model:

$ rails g hyrax:active_encode:install


By default, hyrax-active_encode will use ActiveEncode's FFmpeg adapter and default ffmpeg options which will generate derivatives matching the defaults in Hyrax.

Hyrax::ActiveEncode::ActiveEncodeDerivativeService can be passed an option service which should return the output options array that will be passed to Hydra-Derivatives and then to ActiveEncode. See (https://github.com/samvera-labs/hyrax-active_encode/blob/master/app/services/hyrax/active_encode/default_option_service.rb) for the default option service.

Hyrax::ActiveEncode::ActiveEncodeDerivativeService can also be passed the ActiveEncode encode class to be used. By default this will be ActiveEncode::Base.

Hyrax::ActiveEncode::WatchedEncode is an optional ActiveEncode::Base subclass that includes ActiveEncode::Polling and ActiveEncode::Persistence. This optional encode class allows for tracking the encode process by saving the data from the encoding service in the ActiveEncode::EncodeRecord database table and saving the encode's global id on its associated file set.