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What is hydra-role-management?

An engine gem to provide a RDBMS backed list of roles and their associated user. This replaces the hydra default role mapper.

As of version 1.0, this gem only supports Rails 5.

Product Owner & Maintenance

hydra-role-management is a Core Component of the Samvera community. The documentation for what this means can be found here.

Product Owner



The Samvera community is here to help. Please see our support guide.


  • Add: gem 'hydra-role-management' to your Gemfile and then bundle install
  • rails generate roles
  • rake db:migrate
  • Add the following cancan abilities:
  # app/models/ability.rb
  if current_user.admin?
    can [:create, :show, :add_user, :remove_user, :index, :edit, :update, :destroy], Role


  • Install a system javascript runtime or uncomment therubyracer in spec/support/Gemfile
  • Ensure that the testing app does not exist: bundle exec rake engine_cart:clean
  • Set Rails version you want to test against. For example:

    • export RAILS_VERSION=5.1.4
  • Ensure that the correct version of Rails is installed: bundle update

  • Build test app: bundle exec rake engine_cart:generate

  • And run tests: bundle exec rake ci


  1. bundle install
  2. Increase the version number in lib/hydra/role_management/version.rb
  3. Increase the same version number in .github_changelog_generator
  4. Update CHANGELOG.md by running this command:
  github_changelog_generator --user samvera --project hydra-role-management --token YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN_HERE
  1. Commit these changes to the master branch

  2. Run rake release


This software has been developed by and is brought to you by the Samvera community. Learn more at the Samvera website.

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