hybook - Hyper Book (H9)

hybook gem - hypertext book generator


Hyper Book (H9) generates pages from plain text wiki-style templates for a hypertext book in two versions, that is, a single-page version and a multi-page version.


  • Hyper Book offers book models / structs (e.g. Book, Part, Chapter, Appendix) and types (Album, Slide Show, etc.).

  • Hyper Book offers template packs and plugins.

  • Hyper Book offers a template pack and plugin manager (e.g. hybook install almanac, hybook install table, etc.).


  • Hyper Book is NOT a static site generator / server. => Use your static site generator of choice (e.g. Jekyll and friends) to convert the generated pages into a complete hypertext book or web site.

  • Hyper Book is NOT a HTML to PDF converter. => Use your HTML to PDF converter of choice (e.g. print ot PDF, wkhtmltopdf, etc.).

  • Hyper Book is NOT a EPUB generator or checker. => Use your EPUB generator or checker of choice.

  • Hyper Book is NOT a MOBI generator. => Use your MOBI generator of choice (e.g. kindlegen, etc.).

Building Blocks

  • Jekyll -- static site generator
  • kramdown -- Markdown converter

Hypertext Markup (HTML) to PDF Conversion Options

  • Use Google Chrome (Print to PDF)
  • wkhtmltopdf
  • phantom.js Renderer

Real World Book Examples


The hybook scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the Free Web Slide Show Alternatives (S5, S6, S9, Slidy And Friends) Forum/Mailing List. Thanks!