Search for a pattern in your log files

I generally use a tracking gif in the mass emails I send out to get a rough idea of the open rate. It's not a small task to open each log file, filter it and then count each occurance of the gif.

Hunter does this for you!

WARNING: Hunter has no tests. This was thrown together, so use with caution. Contributions are very welcome.

How to Use


    gem install hunter


Create a new hunt for the string you want to match:

    hunt ='/images/email/tracking.gif')

Look in the current log


Look in an archived log


Look through a folder of archived logs


Look through a folder of archived logs for a specific log type

    hunt.look_through_archive('/var/log/httpd/log_archive', 'access.log')

Known Issues

  • "Archived" means with the file extension .gz – no other compression formats are supported
  • look_through_archive() relies on your log appending a digit after the original filename and then compressing to .gz
    • e.g. access.log becomes access.log.1.gz
  • There are no tests