Ruby Implementation of the HTCP Protocol Client

This simple library implements HTCP protocol ( and could be used in any Ruby project to manage any HTCP-compliant caching server (authors use it for Squid 2.7 servers management).

What commands are supported?

At this moment the only supported HTCP command is CLR that could be used to remove a cached page from any HTCP-compliant server.

How to install?

There are two options when approaching htcp-ruby installation:

  • using the gem (recommended and could be used in non-Rails projects)

  • install as a Rails plugin

To install as a gem in a Rails project, add this to your environment.rb:

config.gem 'htcp'

And then run the command:

sudo rake gems:install

To install loops as a Rails plugin you need to do the following:

./script/plugin install git://

This will install the whole package in your vendor/plugins directory. For merb applications, just check out the code and place it to the vendor/plugins directory.

How to use?

Here is a simple code that could be used to purge a page from a caching server:

# Instantiate HTCP client
# It is possible to pass an array of servers to the constructor, 
# in that case any request sent to the client will be sent out 
# to all specified servers
htcp ='cache01.local')

# Send CLR request and purge a page from the cache

Who are the authors?

This plugin has been created in for our internal use and then the sources were opened for other people to use. All the code in this package has been developed by Alexey Kovyrin for and is released under the MIT license. For more details, see LICENSE file.