Unix Command Line Interface

The Unix Command Line Interface is a tool which allows Unix or Mac users to manage their HP Cloud Services from the command line.

System Requirements

The current version of the CLI requires Ruby 1.9.2 or 1.8.7 and a recent version of rubygems (generally included with the ruby package).


gem install hpcloud

You should see the gem and its dependencies being installed on your system. To verify installation, simply type:


If you see a listing of available commands, your installation was successful.

4) Once installation is complete you can set up your account:

hpcloud account:setup

That’s it! Try out the usage examples below.

If you should ever need to remove the CLI:

gem uninstall hpcloud

In-Command Help

You can get a list of commands at any time by calling the hpcloud command without any arguments:


Each command has help built in which includes specific examples of use, aliases you can use and more. To see help for a specific command use:

hpcloud help <command>

If you want to check which version of the tool you have installed:

hpcloud info

Configuring with Helion/OpenStack/DevStack

Your configuration for Helion etc should look similar to this:


:auth_uri: http://xx.xx.xx.xx:5000/v2.0/
:userpass: true
:account_id: UserName
:secret_key: SuperSecret!
:tenant_id: 3xxxxxxxxxxxxa0b9e073b99bec868fd

:regions: {} :catalog:

:compute: nova
:object_storage: swift
:block_storage: cinder
:networking: neutron

:options: {} :provider: hp

There are command line ways to configure your account, but it may be easier to manually edit the file in ~/.hpcloud/account . Use v2.0 authentication as right now Fog does not support v3.

Documentation and Usage

Detailed documentation and usage examples can be found at HP Cloud Unix CLI page.


See LICENSE for copyright details.