• Start on a feature/bug:

    hoy begin "name of feature"
    hoy bg
  • As you're working:

    hoy commit "work done on this feature"
    hoy ci
  • Review what you did

    hoy review "commit message to be made"
    hoy re "commit message"
    $ hoy review "did some stuff"
    ... go through git diff ...
    Do you want to commit this? (Y/N) _
  • Push out if needed (to build CI, end of day)

    hoy sync
    hoy sy
  • Update to the latest code (rebase off origin/master)

    hoy prepare
    hoy prepare "commit message that describes this feature"
    hoy pp
  • Finish up feature (push out to master, remove remote branches)

    hoy finish
    hoy fn
  • List out all features/bugs worked on

    hoy list
    hoy ls
    $ hoy list
    1 - "fixing bad alignment"
    2 - "new page view"
  • Switch to a different feature/bug

    hoy switch "fixing bad alignment"    
    hoy switch 2
    hoy sw 1