Holder.js for Rails

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Provides Holder.js to render image placeholders entirely on the client side.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'holder_rails'

and run:

bundle install


Add to your JavaScript manifest file:

//= require holder

For versions less than 2.3.2, if you're using turbolinks don't forget to run Holder after page:change event:

$(document).bind 'page:change', ->

You can use holder_tag helper in your views:

holder_tag 100
# => <img data-src="holder.js/100x100?" src="" />

holder_tag '200x300'
# => <img data-src="holder.js/200x300?" src="" />

holder_tag '200x300', 'Lorem ipsum'
# => <img data-src="holder.js/200x300?text=Lorem ipsum" src="" />

holder_tag '200x300', 'Lorem ipsum', 'social'
# => <img data-src="holder.js/200x300?text=Lorem ipsum&amp;theme=social" src="" />

holder_tag '500x800', 'Example text', 'gray', id: 'new', class: 'special'
# => <img class="special" data-src="holder.js/500x800?text=Example text&amp;theme=gray" id="new" src="" />

holder_tag '500x800', 'Example text', 'gray', { id: 'new', class: 'special' }, { font: 'Helvetica' }
# => <img class="special" data-src="holder.js/500x800?font=Helvetica&amp;text=Example text&amp;theme=gray" id="new" src="" />

For more information, check out holder readme.


holder_rails X.Y.Z == Holder.js X.Y.Z


Released under the BSD 2-clause license. See LICENSE.txt for details.