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Generate a Gemfile based on a Hoe spec's declared dependencies.


Creates a rake task to generate a bundler Gemfile based on your declared hoe dependencies.

  • rake bundler:gemfile

Why would you want to do this? I mean, why would anyone want to use bundler to test their gem?

  • to make sure you've declared all your dependencies in your Hoe.spec.
  • to make sure you're testing against the exact versions of dependencies that you're claiming in your Hoe.spec.


Just add the following line to your Rakefile before you call Hoe.spec:

Hoe.plugin :bundler

And then run the following command to generate a Gemfile:

rake bundler:gemfile

Reference a gemspec file

To generate a Gemfile which uses gemspec and the default source:

rake bundler:gemfile[,true]

Use a custom gem source

To generate a Gemfile which uses a custom source:

rake bundler:gemfile[https://gems.github.com]

Reference a gemspec file and use a custom gem source

Or the combination of custom source and gemspec:

rake bundler:gemfile[https://gems.github.com,true]


  • hoe >= 2.2.0


  • gem install hoe-bundler

Generate a gem spec using hoe-gemspec.


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.