Hem (gem)

Hem is small rake based tool designed to assist with day to day tasks for developers. Some highlights of functionality include:

  • Fetch common tools
  • Start most project VMs including setting up dependencies
  • Utilize project seeds to kickstart a new project

Many more features are planned including assisting with host machine configuration, automatically pulling assets for the VM and providing commonly rewritten tasks as general utility libraries for use in Hemfiles.

Installing & using

Full instructions for installing and using hem are available in the User guide. For information on the task DSL, see the DSL guide.

Please ensure that you run the following command after installing and that it does not raise any issues:

hem system check

Getting help

If you need any help with hem or you encounter any issues, please join the #hem slack channel.


If you wish to contribute to hem:

  • Clone this repository
  • Execute bundle install
  • Create a feature branch with descriptive name (i.e. feature/magento-tasks)
  • Make changes
  • Build and install the gem: rake build && rake install
  • Push feature branch back to this repo
  • Submit a PR with details of changes

You can run tests using Guard by executing "guard" in a terminal in the project folder. Guard will re-run tests where it knows how but otherwise run cucumber tests with "cucumber" (in the guard terminal) and rspec tests with "rspec" (in the guard terminal).

Available seeds

Currently available seeds are default, magento and symfony.

hem seed plant <my-symfony-project-name> --seed=symfony

The easiest way is to look for more custom seeds is just to search gihub. https://github.com/inviqa?query=hem-seed