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In-App purchases for RubyMotion.



Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'helu'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install helu


Start a helu with the In App Purchase ID:

@helu = Helu.new("loosing_weight_10")

create blocks for failing and buying:

@helu.fail = lambda { |transaction| puts transaction ; # node here for failed in app purchase }
@helu.winning = lambda { |transaction| puts transaction ; # code here for successful in app purchase }

also for restoring in app purchases

 @helu.restore = lambda { restoring_method }

The transaction object on the lambda is the one we get from Apple; Therefore, it is a SKPaymentTransaction. More information about it here

buy the product:


restore the product:


Make sure that if your code ever throws out the Helu object, it better also close the store before doing so.


Supported types of In App Purchases

  • Consumables and Non-Consumables are supported.
  • Auto-Renewable subscriptions and Non-Renewing Subscriptions are not supported yet. However, we would love some help making it happen.

Requesting product information:

Asynchronous, raw:

inapps = %w[first second third]
@x = Helu::ProductInfoFetcher.new(inapps) do |pi|
  p pi

Asynchronous, wrapped in method call:

Helu::ProductInfoFetcher.fetch(inapps) do |pi|
  p pi


pi = Helu::ProductInfoFetcher.fetch(inapps)
p pi

All three calls return hash of the following form:

  "inapp_id": {
    id: "inapp_id",
    title: "inapp_localized_title",
    description: "inapp_localized_description",
    price: "0.89", # float
    currency: "EUR",
    price_str: "\u20AC0.89",
  }, # .... 

Example App:

You can find an example app here. Remember that for this to work properly, you must add your app identifier to the Rakefile.


Helu is relase under the MIT license.


Ivan Acosta-Rubio | Initial work Michal J. | Product Info Fetcher Simon Traels Ravn | Removing Observer and Bug fixes.