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Guard::Foodcritic automatically runs foodcritic.


guard-foodcritic depends on foodcritic v6.x, which only works with Ruby v2.0.0 and higher. If you are still using Ruby v1.9.3, you should use v1.1.1 of this gem. The current best practice for running foodcritic against cookbooks is to use ChefDK for cookbook development, which includes Ruby 2.x.x on all platforms.

Install the gem:

$ gem install guard-foodcritic

Add the guard-foodcritic definition to your Guardfile by running this command:

$ guard init foodcritic


:all_on_start => false    # Whether to run Foodcritic on all cookbooks at startup
                          # default: true

:cli => "--epic-fail any" # Command line arguments passed to foodcritic
                          # default: "--epic-fail any"

:cookbook_paths => "."    # The path(s) to your cookbooks
                          # default: ["cookbooks"]

:notification => false    # Whether to display notifications after the lint is done running
                          # default: true