NOTE: This gem is merged into groonga-client gem. Use groonga-client instead of this.




Groonga-client-cli provides command line Groonga clients.

Groonga command line clients can work without Groonga. groonga command provided by Groonga can only use for GQTP but they can use for both GQTP and HTTP.

Here are provided command lines:

  • groonga-client: Sends Groonga commands and shows responses.


% gem install groonga-client-cli



groonga-client reads Groonga commands from one or more files, sends these read commands and shows responses of them

Here is an example that restores dumped Groonga database to Groonga runs at http://localhost:10041/:

% groonga-client dump.grn

You can send Groonga commands to Groonga runs at other host by --host option:

% groonga-client --host dump.grn

There are more options:

% groonga-client --help
Usage: groonga-client [options] GROONGA_COMMAND_FILE1 GROONGA_COMMAND_FILE2 ...

        --protocol=PROTOCOL          Protocol to connect to Groonga server.
                                     [http, gqtp]
        --host=HOST                  Groonga server to be connected.
        --port=PORT                  Port number of Groonga server to be connected.
        --read-timeout=TIMEOUT       Timeout on reading response from Groonga server.
                                     You can disable timeout by specifying -1.
        --split-load-chunk-size=SIZE Split a large load to small loads.
                                     Each small load has at most SIZE records.
                                     Set 0 to SIZE to disable this feature.

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LGPLv2.1 or later. See doc/text/lgpl-2.1.txt for details.

(Kouhei Sutou has a right to change the license including contributed patches.)