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A Ruby implementation of GraphQL.


Install from RubyGems by adding it to your Gemfile, then bundling.

# Gemfile
gem 'graphql'
$ bundle install

Getting Started

$ rails generate graphql:install

Or, see "Getting Started".


I also sell GraphQL::Pro which provides several features on top of the GraphQL runtime, including authorization, monitoring plugins and static queries. Besides that, Pro customers get email support and an opportunity to support graphql-ruby's development!


  • Implement the GraphQL spec & support a Relay front end
  • Provide idiomatic, plain-Ruby API with similarities to reference implementation where possible
  • Support Ruby on Rails and Relay

Getting Involved

  • Say hi & ask questions in the #ruby channel on Slack or on Twitter!
  • Report bugs by posting a description, full stack trace, and all relevant code in a GitHub issue.
  • Features & patches are welcome! Consider discussing it in an issue or in the #ruby channel on Slack to make sure we're on the same page.
  • Run the tests with rake test or start up guard with bundle exec guard.
  • Build the site with rake site:serve, then visit http://localhost:4000/graphql-ruby/.