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A Ruby implementation of GraphQL.


Install from RubyGems by adding it to your Gemfile, then bundling.

# Gemfile
gem 'graphql'
$ bundle install

Getting Started

See "Getting Started" on the website or on GitHub


  • Implement the GraphQL spec & support a Relay front end
  • Provide idiomatic, plain-Ruby API with similarities to reference implementation where possible
  • Support Ruby on Rails and Relay

Getting Involved

  • Say hi & ask questions in the #ruby channel on Slack or on Twitter!
  • Report bugs by posting a description, full stack trace, and all relevant code in a GitHub issue.
  • Features & patches are welcome! Consider discussing it in an issue or in the #ruby channel on Slack to make sure we're on the same page.
  • Run the tests with rake test or start up guard with bundle exec guard.
  • Build the site with rake site:serve, then visit http://localhost:4000/graphql-ruby/.

To Do

  • StaticValidation improvements (in progress)
    • Use catch-all type/field/argument definitions instead of terminating traversal
    • Reduce ad-hoc traversals?
    • Validators are order-dependent, is this a smell?
    • Tests for interference between validators are poor
    • Maybe this is a candidate for a rewrite?
  • Relay:
    • Reduce duplication in ArrayConnection / RelationConnection
    • Improve API for creating edges (better RANGE_ADD support)
    • If the new edge isn't a member of the connection's objects, raise a nice error
  • args should whitelist keys -- if you request a key that isn't defined for the field, it should 💥
  • Support non-instance-eval .define, eg .define { |defn| ... }
  • First-class promise support (discussion)
    • like graphql-batch but more local
    • support promises in connection resolves
  • Add immutable transformation API to AST
    • Support working with AST as data
    • Adding fields to selections (__typename can go anywhere, others are type-specific)
    • Renaming fragments from local names to unique names
  • Document encrypted & versioned cursors