A Gosu implementation for Adroid devices.


Install ruboto and create a project.


With this installation method you will have a clean enviroment (bundler) to make your gosu games.

  • Create a file named Gemfile.apk in your ruboto project and add the lines:
source "http://rubygems.org"
gem 'gosu_android'
  • Create a folder inside res called drawable-nodpi and copy this file in it. On linux you can do it easily with: mkdir res/drawable-nodpi wget https://raw.github.com/neochuky/gosu-android/master/res/drawable-nodpi/character_atlas8.png mv character_atlas8.png res/drawable-nodpi


With this installation method you will have a dirty enviroment (simple file copy) to try the samples.

  • gem install gosu_android

  • As with ruboto, place yourself in the root directory of your app.

  • Then execute gosu_android -a or gosu_android --add to automatically copy every gosu_android file to your ruboto project. It will also copy all the media files that are use in gosu_android examples.

General Information

  • This is still an early effort, so there are a number of features that had not yet been added.
  • There are some known bugs that I hope to fix soon.
  • In its current status there are some small changes to Gosu Window initialization, check examples.
  • A new object with some basic physics has been added, check out the wiki to learn more.