This has been extracted from the open-source library gorillib. All functionality for Gorillib::Model has been retained, but all helper methods now come from active_support. This separation from the old gorillib is intentional, as support for that library will no longer continue. Please use this code only as intended, and make no assumptions about old functionality.


require 'gorillib/model

Gorillib has at least one powerful addition to the canon: the Gorillib::Model mixin.

Think of it like 'An ORM for JSON'. It's designed for data that spends as much time on the wire as it does in action -- things like API handlers or clients, data processing scripts, wukong jobs.

  • lightweight
  • serializes to/from JSON, TSV or plain hashes
  • type converts when you need it, but doesn't complicate normal accessors
  • upward compatible with ActiveModel