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Adapter for gollum to use Rugged (libgit2) at the backend. See the gollum wiki for more information on adapters. Currently gollum uses grit as a backend by default, but since that is abandonware, the plan is to make this adapter the default in the future.

Please note that this adapter is currently in beta. It passes the unit tests for gollum and gollum-lib, but it needs more comprehensive testing. Please report any issues that you encounter.


Install the gem:

gem install --pre gollum-rugged_adapter # --pre required for beta-releases

Now run gollum as follows:

gollum --adapter rugged


  1. Start by cloning the repo on GitHub.
  2. From inside the repo's directory, install the (development) dependencies with bundle install
  3. Create a thoughtfully named topic branch to contain your changes.
  4. Hack away.
  5. Make sure your changes pass the adapter's specs: bundle exec rake
  6. Make sure your changes pass gollum-lib's tests

    • Clone gollum-lib and add your local version of the rugged adapter to the gollum-lib Gemfile:

    gem "gollum-rugged_adapter", :path => '/path/to/rugged_adapter'

    • bundle install
    • bundle exec rake GIT_ADAPTER=rugged
  7. If necessary, rebase your commits into logical chunks, without errors.

  8. Push the branch up to GitHub.

  9. Send a pull request to the gollum/rugged_adapter project.


This gem uses Semantic Versioning.