gollum lib -- A wiki built on top of Git

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Gollum is a simple wiki system built on top of Git that powers GitHub Wikis.

Gollum-lib is the Ruby API that allows you to retrieve raw or formatted wiki content from a Git repository, write new content to the repository, and collect various meta data about the wiki as a whole.

Gollum-lib follows the rules of Semantic Versioning and uses TomDoc for inline documentation.


  • Ruby 2.4.0+
  • Unix like operating system (OS X, Ubuntu, Debian, and more)
  • Will not work on Windows with the default rugged adapter, but works via JRuby.


The best way to install Gollum-lib is with RubyGems:

$ [sudo] gem install gollum-lib

If you're installing from source, you can use Bundler to pick up all the gems:

$ bundle install

In order to use the various formats that Gollum supports, you will need to separately install the necessary dependencies for each format. You only need to install the dependencies for the formats that you plan to use.


Gollum supports a variety of formats and extensions (Markdown, MediaWiki, Textile, …). On top of these formats Gollum lets you insert headers, footers, links, image, math and more.

Check out the Gollum Wiki for all of Gollum's formats and syntactic options.


Initialize the Gollum::Repo object:

# Require rubygems if necessary
require 'rubygems'

# Require the Gollum library
require 'gollum-lib'

# Create a new Gollum::Wiki object by initializing it with the path to the
# Git repository.
wiki = Gollum::Wiki.new("my-gollum-repo.git")
# => <Gollum::Wiki>

By default, internal wiki links are all absolute from the root. To specify a different base path, you can specify the :base_path option:

wiki = Gollum::Wiki.new("my-gollum-repo.git", :base_path => "/wiki")

Note that base_path just modifies the links.

Get the latest version of the given human or canonical page name:

page = wiki.page('/page name') # Finds pages in the root directory of the wiki that are named 'page name' with a valid extension.
# => <Gollum::Page>

page = wiki.page('page name') # For convenience, you can leave out the '/' in front. Paths are assumed to be relative to '/'.
# => <Gollum::Page>

page = wiki.page('page name.md') # You can also specifiy the extension explicitly to disambiguate between pages with the same name, but different formats.
# => <Gollum::Page>

# => "# My wiki page"

# => "<h1>My wiki page</h1>"

# => :markdown

vsn = page.version
# => <Gollum::Git::Commit>

# => '3ca43e12377ea1e32ea5c9ce5992ec8bf266e3e5'

Get the footer (if any) for a given page:

# => <Gollum::Page>

Get the header (if any) for a given page:

# => <Gollum::Page>

Get a list of versions for a given page:

vsns = wiki.page('page-name').versions
# => [<Gollum::Git::Commit, <Gollum::Git::Commit, <Gollum::Git::Commit>]

# => '3ca43e12377ea1e32ea5c9ce5992ec8bf266e3e5'

# => Sun Mar 28 19:11:21 -0700 2010

Get a specific version of a given canonical page file:

wiki.page('page name', '5ec521178e0eec4dc39741a8978a2ba6616d0f0a')

Get the latest version of a given static file:

file = wiki.file('asset.js')
# => <Gollum::File>

# => "alert('hello');"

# => <Gollum::Git::Commit>

Get a specific version of a given static file:

wiki.file('asset.js', '5ec521178e0eec4dc39741a8978a2ba6616d0f0a')

Get an in-memory Page preview (useful for generating previews for web interfaces):

preview = wiki.preview_page("My Page", "# Contents", :markdown)
# => "<h1>Contents</h1>"

Methods that write to the repository require a Hash of commit data that takes the following form:

commit = { :message => 'commit message',
           :name => 'Tom Preston-Werner',
           :email => '[email protected]' }

Write a new version of a page (the file will be created if it does not already exist) and commit the change. The file will be written at the repo root if no subdirectory is specified.

wiki.write_page('Subdirectory/Page Name', :markdown, 'Page contents', commit)

Update an existing page. If the format is different than the page's current format, the file name will be changed to reflect the new format.

page = wiki.page('Page Name')
wiki.update_page(page, page.name, page.format, 'Page contents', commit)

To delete a page and commit the change:

wiki.delete_page(page, commit)

Register or unregister a hook to be called after a page commit:

Gollum::Hook.register(:post_commit, :hook_id) do |committer, sha1|
  # Your code here

Gollum::Hook.unregister(:post_commit, :hook_id)

Register or unregister a hook to be called after the wiki is initialized:

Gollum::Hook.register(:post_wiki_initialize, :hook_id) do |wiki|
  # Your code here

Gollum::Hook.unregister(:post_wiki_initialize, :hook_id)

A combination of both hooks can be used to pull from a remote after :post_wiki_initialize and push to a remote after :post_commit which in effect keeps the remote in sync both ways. Keep in mind that it may not be possible to resolve all conflicts automatically.


Note that filenames on windows must not contain any of the following characters \ / : * ? " < > |. See this support article for details.


If you'd like to hack on Gollum-lib, start by forking the repo on GitHub:


To get all of the dependencies, install the gem first. The best way to get your changes merged back into core is as follows:

  1. Clone down your fork
  2. Create a thoughtfully named topic branch to contain your change
  3. Hack away
  4. Add tests and make sure everything still passes by running rake
  5. If you are adding new functionality, document it in the README
  6. Do not change the version number, I will do that on my end
  7. If necessary, rebase your commits into logical chunks, without errors
  8. Push the branch up to GitHub
  9. Send a pull request to the gollum/gollum-lib project.


Gollum-lib uses Semantic Versioning. Having x.y.z :

For z releases:

$ rake bump
$ rake release

For x.y releases:

$ rake gemspec
$ rake release


$ gem uninstall -aIx gollum-lib
$ git clone https://github.com/gollum/gollum-lib.git
$ cd gollum-lib
gollum-lib$ rake build
gollum-lib$ rake install


$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake test


An example of how to add a test file to the bare repository lotr.git.

$ mkdir tmp; cd tmp
$ git clone ../lotr.git/ .
Cloning into '.'...
$ git log
$ echo "test" > test.md
$ git add . ; git commit -am "Add test"
$ git push ../lotr.git/ master