God + Amazon SNS

This library adds a God::Contacts class for Amazon's Simple Notification Service (SNS).

As of November, 2011 this project is experimental and we eagerly welcome feedback and contributions.


After creating your SNS Topic and adding a subscription or two, copy its ARN and then add something like this to your god config. Make sure the gem is installed, of course.

require 'god-sns-contact'

God.contact(:sns) do |c|
  c.name = 'sns'
  c.access_key_id = "your access_key id"
  c.secret_access_key = "your secret access key"
  c.arn  = 'arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:12345677890:god' # Get your ARN from SNS

It's usually best to create IAM creds specific to this task so you're not leaving keys with lots of access sitting around on your filesystem.


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