Gluttonberg Core

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Gluttonberg is an Open Source CMS developed by the team at Freerange Future. As designers and developers, we love the flexibility of Ruby, but got tired of taking care of authentication, asset mangement, page management (and so on...) with every install. We created Gluttonberg to take care of that boring stuff so we could start having fun sooner.


Setting up Gluttonberg is easy. The following setups will get you up and running.

  1. Create a new Rails app. rails new gluttonberg_app --skip-bundle --database=postgresql
  2. Add Gluttonberg to the Gemfile and then bundle install. gem 'gluttonberg-core', :git => 'git://', :require => 'gluttonberg' bundle install
  3. Double check the username and password in the database.yml and then create the database. bundle exec rake db:create
  4. Run the Gluttonberg installer rake task, the task will move all required files into place, migrate the database and then ask you for admin user details. bundle exec rake gluttonberg:install
  5. Start the server. foreman start
  6. Login to the admin page and start building. http://localhost:5000/admin


If you need help using Gluttonberg or are looking for tips, please read the file.