Globalize3 Accessors


Generator of easy accessor methods for models using Globalize3.

Use globalize_accessors with list of translated fields you want easy access to and extra :locales array listing locales for which you want the accessors to be generated.

This way a single form can be used to edit given model fields with all anticipated translations.


Add this line to Gemfile:

gem “globalize3_accessors”, :git => ‘git://’


Definition like this:

class Product translates :title, :description globalize_accessors :pl, :en, :de end

Gives you methods: title_pl, title_en, title_de, title_pl=, title_en=, title_de= (and similar set of description_* methods). And they work seamlessly with Globalize3 (not even touching the “core” title, title= methods used by Globalize3 itself).


  • Make it work with full-blown locales including dash character (minus sign) like en-US, en-GB, pl-PL etc.


Copyright © 2011 Tomek “Tomash” Stachewicz (homepage), released under the MIT license.