GitHub Pages Health Check

Checks your GitHub Pages site for common DNS configuration issues

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gem install github-pages-health-check


Basic Usage

> check ="")
=> #<GitHubPages::HealthCheck::Site @domain="" valid?=true>
> check.valid?
=> true

An invalid domain

> check ="")
> check.valid?
=> false
> check.valid!
raises GitHubPages::HealthCheck::Errors::InvalidCNAMEError

Retrieving specific checks

> check.domain.should_be_a_record?
=> true
> check.domain.a_record?
=> true

Getting checks in bulk

> check.to_hash
=> {
> check.to_json
=> "{\"cloudflare_ip?\":false,\"old_ip_address?\":false,\"a_record?\":true,\"cname_record?\":false,\"valid_domain?\":true,\"apex_domain?\":true,\"should_be_a_record?\":true,\"pointed_to_github_user_domain?\":false,\"pointed_to_github_pages_ip?\":false,\"pages_domain?\":false,\"valid?\":true}"

Getting the reason a domain is invalid

> check = ""
> check.valid?
=> false
> check.reason
=> #<GitHubPages::HealthCheck::InvalidCNAME>
> check.reason.message
=> "CNAME does not point to GitHub Pages"

Repository checks

Repository checks require a personal access or OAuth token with repo or scope. This can be passed as the second argument to the Site or Repository constructors like so:

check = "github/pages-health-check", access_token: "1234

You can also set OCTOKIT_ACCESS_TOKEN as an environmental variable, or via a .env file in your working directory.