This Rails 3.1 engine will make it trivial for you to test your javascript files taking advantage of Rails 3.1's asset pipeline, and using the awesome Gerbil.


Include this gem in your Gemfile:

group :development, :test do
  gem "gerbil-rails"

Bundle it up, and run the included generator to set up the test structure:

$ bundle
$ script/rails generate gerbil:install

This will create a spec/javascripts directory, which includes a spec/javascripts/spec.js file. Now you can add specs in subdirectories of spec/javascripts.

Once that is done, start your server and head to http://localhost:3000/gerbil to see your specs running before you.


Brought to you by Nicolás Sanguinetti, thanks to the support of Cubox.

Thanks to Jasminerice for the inspiration :)