Geppetto is a simple command line tool to help manage Facebook test users and the generation of content.


$ gem install geppetto



$ geppetto help

Common Scenarios

First let's start by creating a network of 5 friends.

$ geppetto create 5 --networked

For each user, you will get a login_url, id and access_token. The login_url is useful to view this user on the site. Otherwise, you can simply use the access_token to authenticate them within your own application.

A new test user. Test users seem to always be female.

To list all your test users, simply type:

$ geppetto list

Now it's time to create some content by having all the users in the network update their status.

$ geppetto generate_status

A new status update.

Let's engage in some social interactions. Each user will comment and like each other's posts.

$ geppetto generate_comments
$ geppetto generate_likes

Liking and commenting.

You can also create and upload "photos".

$ geppetto generate_images

A photo is posted.

Geppetto provides a couple of shortcuts to populate content.

$ geppetto build

Will build a network of test users and generate posts, likes, comments and images.

$ geppetto frenzy

Frenzy mode will continuously generate random content until you terminate the application.