This is GenX4r, a Ruby extension that wraps Tim Bray's genx library for generating correct, cannonical xml.

For more information on genx itself please refer to it's web page at:

GenX4r should build through the fairly standard setup.rb process…

$ ruby setup.rb config $ ruby setup.rb setup

Once you've compiled it, run the unit tests via 'ruby setup.rb check' to confirm that GenX4r is functioning properly, then feel free to install it via 'ruby setup.rb install' and let me know what you think!

GenX4r is made available under the same license as genx, see the LICENSE file for more details.

setup.rb is under the LGPL, see it's web page at

for details.

There is currently no real documentation on how to use GenX4r, but until that changes the unit tests should provide a useful introduction.

Please direct any questions to the author,

Garrett Rooney <[email protected]>