A slice for the Merb framework.

How to use:

Put your sass temlates under the Merb.root / app / views / stylesheets directory,
then you could get the stylesheet compiled by Sass::Engine,
your temlate could also include ERB syntax, and you could use helper methods as well.

The correspondence between template and route is below:

  GET "/stylesheets/some.css"  --> using Merb.root /app/views/stylesheets/some.css.erb
  GET "/stylesheets/somedir/some.css" --> using Merb.root /app/views/stylesheets/somedir/some.css.erb

How to get static file under the Merb.root/public/stylesheets directory:

Generated file is usually cached under the Merb.root/tmp/cache/stylesheets.
If you want the cache file to be cached under the Merb.root/public/stylesheet direcotry,
you should set the following configuration.

  Merb::Slices.config[:merb_dynamic_sass][:page_cache] => true

(Note that this slice is not registed in production environment.)

Instructions for installation:

file: config/router.rb

Usually you have to add routes of the slice, but this slice automatically add routes because it seems that the route used for this porpose is fixed.

Also you probably don't have to run the following rake task:

rake slices:merb_dynamic_sass:install

file: config/init.rb

# add the slice as a regular dependency

dependency 'merb_dynamic_sass'

# if needed, configure which slices to load and in which order

Merb::Plugins.config = { :queue => [“MerbDynamicSass”, …] }

# optionally configure the plugins in a before_app_loads callback

Merb::BootLoader.before_app_loads do

Merb::Slices::config[:merb_dynamic_sass][:option] = value


You can put your application-level overrides in:

host-app/slices/merb_dynamic_sass/app - controllers, models, views …

Templates are located in this order:

  1. host-app/slices/merb_dynamic_sass/app/views/*

  2. gems/merb_dynamic_sass/app/views/*

  3. host-app/app/views/*

You can use the host application's layout by configuring the merb_dynamic_sass slice in a before_app_loads block:

Merb::Slices.config = { :layout => :application }

By default :merb_dynamic_sass is used. If you need to override stylesheets or javascripts, just specify your own files in your layout instead/in addition to the ones supplied (if any) in host-app/public/slices/merb_dynamic_sass.

In any case don't edit those files directly as they may be clobbered any time rake merb_dynamic_sass:install is run.