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Create PKGBUILDs for ruby gems.


Upon first run the gem will prompt for your name and email address to use in the maintainer field in PKGBUILDs and to use as the git author. If you have already configured git it will confirm the values that it finds. It will also ask where to store package repositories. All information is then saved in ~/.gembuild which is just a simple YAML file and can be easily changed using your favorite text editor.


Simple usage to create/update a package for a gem:

$ bundle exec bin/gembuild mina

This will checkout the AUR package for ruby-mina, fetch the latest version of the gem and update the PKGBUILD accordingly, and then regenerate the metadata using mksrcinfo and commit all changes.

Advanced Usage

There are four main parts: the AUR scraper, the rubygems scraper, the PKGBUILD and the project.

AUR Scraper

The AUR scraper is used to get version information about a package currently on the AUR.

s ='ruby-mina')

RubyGems Scraper

The RubyGems scraper gets the rest of the information needed for the PKGBUILD by making several queries to N.B. that it skips any version marked as a "prerelease".

s = Gembuild::GemScraper.neW('mina')


The Pkgbuild class is actually responsible for creating a PKGBUILD for a gem.



The Project class is what checks out the repository from the AUR, configures git for it, makes sure there is a .gitignore and commits all changes after creating or updating the PKGBUILD.'mina').clone_and_commit!


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 or any later version. For more information please see the LICENSE file included with the project or