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Code to harvest DOR druids via DOR Fetcher service, mods from PURL, and use it to index items into a Solr index, such as that for SearchWorks.


  1. ruby 2.x+
  2. bundler gem must be installed

Install steps for running locally

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'harvestdor-indexer'

Then execute:



Create a collections folder in the config directory:

cd /path/to/gdor-indexer/config
mkdir collections

Create a yml config file for your collection(s) to be harvested and indexed.

See spec/config/walters_integration_spec.yml for an example. Copy that file to config/collections and change the following settings:

  • whitelist
  • dor_fetcher service_url
  • harvestdor log_dir and log_name
  • solr_url


The whitelist is how you specify which objects to index. The whitelist can be:

  • an Array of druids inline in the config yml file
  • a filename containing a list of druids (one per line)

If a druid, per the object's identityMetadata at purl page, is for a:

  • collection record: then we process all the item druids in that collection (as if they were included individually in the whitelist)
  • non-collection record: then we process the druid as an individual item

Run the indexer script

$ cd /path/to/gdor-indexer
$ nohup ./bin/indexer -c my_collection &>path/to/nohup.output

Running the tests