Mapfish Appserver

Mapfish Appserver is a platform for building web mapping applications using OGC standards and the Mapfish REST protocol.


Mapfish Appserver comes with the following out-of-the box features:

  • Organize maps by topics, categories, organisational units, keywords and more
  • Combine maps with background and overlay topics with adjustable opacity
  • Import UMN Mapserver mapfiles to publish new topics within seconds
  • Fully customizable legends and feature infos
  • Creation of complex custom searches
  • Rich digitizing and editing functionality
  • Support for differing client and server spatial reference systems
  • Role-based access control on topic, layer and attribute level
  • Access control for WMS and WFS
  • Rich library of ExtJS 4 based map components
  • Multiple customizable viewers from minimal mobile viewer to full featured portal
  • Multi-site support
  • Built-in administration backend
  • Self-organized user groups


For more documentation see the

Note: Mapfish Appserver v2.0.0 requires Ruby 2.3 or greater

Note: Mapfish Appserver v1.1.0 or greater no longer uses the gb_mapfish_print gem, but uses a separately installed Mapfish Print v3 for printing (see documentation)

Authors and License

Primary authors are Pirmin Kalberer and Mathias Walker, Sourcepole, Stefan Zinggeler and Adrian Herzog, Canton of Zurich.

New BSD License

Copyright (c) 2009-2017 Sourcepole AG & Canton of Zurich