gas – manage your git author accounts


Gas is a mighty utility that helps you keep track of your multiple git authors. Add them to gas and switch between them instantly! Great if you use one author at work and one at home or if you are doing pair programming.


The best way to install gas is with RubyGems:

$ [sudo] gem install gas

You can install from source:

$ cd gas/
$ bundle
$ rake install


The default task is to list authors

$ gas
$ gas list

This lists the authors that are set up in the ~/.gas/gas.authors file.

You can import your current user by giving it a nickname

$ gas import current_user

To add an author use, add

$ gas add walle "Fredrik Wallgren" [email protected]

And the main usage, use

$ gas use walle

To delete it again use, delete

$ gas delete walle

Gas can also juggle your id_rsa ssh keys, which is helpful for uploading to github between multiple accounts. Indespensible for teachers who need to instruct their students on how to use github!

$ gas add Njax NotarySojac [email protected]
Do you want gas to handle switching rsa keys for this user?

View gas -h to see all options.