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Fuubar is an instafailing RSpec formatter that uses a progress bar instead of a string of letters and dots as feedback.


Supported Rubies

  • MRI Ruby 1.8.7
  • MRI Ruby 1.9.2
  • MRI Ruby 1.9.3
  • MRI Ruby 2.0.0
  • MRI Ruby 2.1.0
  • JRuby (in 1.8 compat mode)
  • JRuby (in 1.9 compat mode)



gem install fuubar

or in your Gemfile

gem 'fuubar'

Then, when running rspec:

rspec --format Fuubar --color spec

Or, if you want to use Fuubar as your default formatter, simply put the options in your .rspec file:

--format Fuubar


fuubar is cryptographically signed. To be sure the gem you install hasn’t been tampered with:

  • Add my public key (if you haven’t already) as a trusted certificate
gem cert --add <(curl -Ls https://raw.github.com/thekompanee/fuubar/master/certs/thekompanee.pem)
  • gem install fuubar -P MediumSecurity

The MediumSecurity trust profile will verify signed gems, but allow the installation of unsigned dependencies.

This is necessary because not all of fuubar has a dependency on RSpec which isn't signed, so we cannot use HighSecurity.

Advanced Usage

Customizing the Bar

Fuubar exposes an RSpec configuration variable called fuubar_progress_bar_options which, when set will be passed directly to ruby-progressbar which does all the heavy lifting. Take a look at the documentation for details on all of the options you can pass in.

Let's say for example that you would like to change the format of the bar. You would do that like so:

# spec_helper.rb

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.fuubar_progress_bar_options = { :format => 'My Fuubar! <%B> %p%% %a' }

would make it so that, when Fuubar is output, it would look something like:

My Fuubar! <================================                  > 53.44% 00:12:31


If you have problems, please create a Github issue.


fuubar was created by Jeff Kreeftmeijer fuubar is maintained by Jeff Kreeftmeijer and The Kompanee, Ltd.


Found an issue? Have a great idea? Want to help? Great! Create an issue issue for it, or even better; fork the project and fix the problem yourself. Pull requests are always welcome. :)


fuubar is Copyright © 2010-2016 Jeff Kreeftmeijer and Jeff Felchner. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.